I had rested on a seat, my back pressing lightly against padding held within cream cloth severely stitched and bound around oak. When I felt I had rested enough, I stood in front of the seat. I spoke, then, I thought, ornately. The cushion I had chosen to describe had not moved and had not […]


I decided, then, to describe the room in which we rested. I chose to describe small objects in great detail. I decided to describe, first, a cushion. I chose to describe this cushion after resting. The cushion I chose to describe appeared to me to be smaller than all other cushions in the room in […]


“Which is the main issue to be resolved?” “The truth is that, throughout your existence, no issue will be more significant than any other.” The pause was a matter of seconds stretched to seem periods of minutes. “Now, I want no truth from you. I want to challenge you.” “As you have said, as you […]


“Have you played it?” “Played what?” “Have you played ‘Truth or Dare’?” “No, I have not played that?” “Play it.” “As you wish. I opt for truth.”

Dazed: The best, worst, and weirdest parts of Warhol and Basquiat’s friendship

“It was like some crazy art-world marriage and they were the odd couple. The relationship was symbiotic. Jean-Michel thought he needed Andy’s fame and Andy thought he needed Jean-Michel’s new blood. Jean-Michel gave Andy a rebellious image.” – Ronny Cutrone https://www.dazeddigital.com/art-photography/article/44600/1/never-before-seen-photos-diary-andy-warhol-jean-michel-basquiat-friendship


“I thought of streams, scarlet streams, boiling, invigorating, fluid groups of…” A bell button pushed, a chime, a man leaving his seat, interrupted the flow. A man walking from a room to a corridor to a door distracted her. Two people talking at each other, arguing, distracted her. She sat in silence, distracted and desperately […]